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Severe Penalties And Devastating Consequences

Drug crime convictions carry severe penalties and consequences. At the Law Offices of Dean Johnson, located in Redwood City, I provide effective, aggressive representation for those facing any type of drug charge throughout neighboring cities such as San Mateo and Santa Clara. My extensive representation includes providing defense strategies for possession of a controlled substance, sales, possession for sale and drug trafficking.

As a former San Mateo County prosecutor, I handled more than 100 jury trials. I spent three years as a major-vendor narcotic prosecutor, during which I successfully prosecuted high level drug dealers.

Aggressive, Thorough Representation

As one of the leading criminal defense lawyers in California, I aggressively protect the rights of my clients.

At the Law Offices of Dean Johnson, I never give up in the pursuit of justice for my clients. Drug cases usually turn on constitutional issues. I can evaluate your case, reviewing every aspect from the arrest down to its current stage. When the police violate your Constitutional Rights, your case may be dismissed or your charges reduced as a result. I have handled hundreds of cases involving:

  • Search and seizure abuses
  • Violations of the Fourth Amendment
  • Failure to provide Miranda rights

Free Consultation

If you are looking for the best possible criminal defense representation, please call my law firm. As a leading California drug crime attorney, I offer aggressive advocacy and unique strategic analysis. I can be reached at 650-241-3008 for a free consultation, or you can send me an email.