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Representing Northern California Clients In Domestic Violence Cases

I understand the emotional hardships associated with domestic violence. I have represented men and women facing serious charges of abuse and violence. Unfortunately, over my 30 years as a lawyer, I have seen many people falsely accused of domestic violence. Charges of domestic violence are often made in the “heat of the moment” or during divorce proceedings, only to be regretted later. I understand the situation and regularly handled dozens of these cases successfully.

I am a leading California criminal defense attorney with 30 years of experience. I understand the harsh consequences clients are facing due to criminal charges. I also understand the social stigma associated with spousal abuse and domestic violence. My law firm can provide an aggressive, effective defense against these devastating charges.

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Spousal abuse is a serious charge with harsh consequences. If you are accused of domestic violence or spousal abuse, you could be facing misdemeanor or even felony charges. A conviction can create difficult situations for you and your family. Besides a prison sentence, you could lose your:

  • Career
  • Visitation rights
  • Child custody
  • Home

At the Law Offices of Dean Johnson, my goal is to help you win your case, keep your freedom and keep your family together. I provide a unique strategic analysis for every case. With an office in Redwood City, I can provide vigorous defense to Bay Area clients and people throughout Northern California.

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If you are looking for the best possible criminal defense representation, please call my law firm. I offer aggressive advocacy and unique strategic analysis. I can be reached at 650-241-3008 for a free consultation, or you can send me an email.