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Appealing A Conviction Or Sentence

At the Law Offices of Dean Johnson, I understand that everyone has the right to appeal their conviction or sentence. With 30 years of experience as an attorney, I understand the complex, technical appeals review process. I have also represented numerous individuals pursuing appeals at the state and federal level. With an office in Redwood City, I am also prepared to defend clients in the San Mateo and Santa Clara areas.

I have extensive trial experience as a former prosecutor and now as a criminal defense attorney. My insights and experience with jury trials allow me to evaluate your case from every angle. I can understand the specific regulations and guidelines associated with the appellate courts. I can help you pursue a reversal of your conviction and/or a reduction of your sentence.

Thorough Appellate Review

As a Northern California criminal appeals lawyer, I provide a thorough review of all appellate cases. I possess sophisticated knowledge of the appeals review process. I am committed to helping clients find relief from undue judicial mistakes.

At the Law Offices of Dean Johnson, I offer 30 years of litigation and trial experience. I know how to go over the record of a trial to get to the issues. I can evaluate your trial record to uncover errors, prejudice and other issues that may have affected the outcome. I can then draft an appropriate and effective appellate review tailored to your case.

Extensive Appellate Experience

I provide appellate representation in both state and federal courts.

My law firm also handles federal Habeas Corpus proceedings. I can evaluate your situation and provide representation tailored to your needs. I understand civil rights regulations and how to gather appropriate evidence to support your claim. I am committed to helping individuals pursue relief from unjust convictions or sentences.

Free Consultation

If you are looking for the best possible criminal defense representation, please call my law firm. I offer aggressive advocacy and unique strategic analysis. I can be reached at 650-241-3008 for a free consultation, or you can send me an email.