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Retain A Leading Authority On California Criminal Defense

At the Law Offices of Dean Johnson, I provide extensive criminal defense representation. I understand the harsh penalties, prison terms and social stigma associated with criminal charges. I provide aggressive and thorough defense strategies for all charges, from misdemeanors to homicide. Though I have represented high-profile personalities, I am committed to helping real people protect their rights and freedoms.

With 30 years of experience as an attorney, I have handled practically every issue imaginable. I can evaluate your situation from every angle to uncover appropriate defense strategies. I have a track record of satisfactorily resolving clients’ issues without taking cases to trial. My goal is to not only minimize the embarrassment of criminal charges, but also the consequences.

In addition to being a nationally recognized lawyer, I also provide strategic analysis for print and broadcast news agencies. For a free consultation, please call me at 650-241-3008 or fill out and send in the form below. My office is in Redwood City, but I am prepared to represent clients throughout Northern California.