What Happened During Bruce Springsteens’ DUS Arrest?

Although the incident involving Bruce Springsteen and the New Jersey police took place thousands of miles away from California, celebrities and other high net-worth individuals in the Golden State might see “The Boss” incident as a cautionary tale. Anyone arrested for driving under the influence might have difficulty fighting the charges when the evidence appears so stacked against them. Springsteen’s arrest in New Jersey In November 2020, Springsteen made the mistake of taking two tequila shots right before getting on his motorcycle. A police officer noticed Springsteen took a shot right before starting his bike. The officer stopped Springsteen immediately. The officer noted Springsteen smelled of alcohol and had glassy eyes. An empty Patron bottle sat in the officer’s line of vision. Springsteen then failed two sobriety tests. Few would argue the arrest was not warranted. Mercifully, any arrest that keeps someone from operating any type of motor vehicle while intoxicated could save other road users from a catastrophic accident. High-profile DUIs in California New Jersey laws differ from those in California, but California does not offer anyone an easy experience after a DWI arrest. The risks such a driver presents to him or herself and others lead the state to levy penalties. A first-time misdemeanor DUI arrest comes with a minimum fine of $390 to $1,000, although the state may add several other costly fees. Jail time remains a possibility, although probation without jail time is possible. A license suspension also follows. Penalties increase with subsequent offenses, and a fourth offense in 10 years could lead to felony charges. Felony DUI charges are possible when the incident involves injuries or deaths. Other factors could lead to felony charges as well. A conviction on high-end DUI charges, like any other criminal charge, requires the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, however.